Computer Center

Services Provided:

  1. Generating Plagiarism report for dissertation and thesis (click here for details)
  2. Accepting Continuation reports and bio-metric attendance of scholarship recipients  (2 – 3 pm)


  1. Amrendra Narayan Bharat
    In-charge, Computer Center,
    Assistant Professor,
    Univ. Dept. of Physics,
    Room 34, Science Block,
    Veer Kunwar Singh University
  2. Ashish Deo Pandey
    Computer Engineer,
    Manager, Computer Center
  3. Satish Pandey
    Operator, Computer Center
  4. Raushan Kumar
    Peon, Computer Center

Contact Us:

email : [response time 0-24 hr]

meet us :
11.00 am – 12.00 noon
or 2.00 – 3.00 pm
Computer Center, 
2nd floor, Science block, 
Veer Kunwar Singh University,
Katira, Ara – 802301