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On the auspicious day of October 22, 1992, this University was founded in honor of Babu Veer Kunwar Singh who displayed exemplary bravery, seasoned leadership and stout devotion to motherland before leaving this mundane world on April 26, 1858. The story of his valor fills the heart of Indians with great fervor of patriotism. Unmatched in the history of self-sacrifice for the sake of the nation and for the safety of subjects BabuKunwar Singh stands as one of the tallest Indians who resisted the tyrannical rule of the British without compromising national pride. Situated on the pious banks of the Ganga at Ara, Bhojpur, this University represents four districts i.e.Bhojpur, Rohtas, Kaimur and Buxar for the dissemination of profound knowledge in every field. It stands for developing strong well-equipped manpower for building new India and for promotion of vibrant indigenous culture.

Universities comprise a vibrant place for the culture and dissemination of profound knowledge in all walks of life for a better tomorrow. Research in the university departments holds the real key to development and progress. Our mission is to strengthen V.K.S.U. through balanced activities and dedicated works by teachers, support staff, technical staff and administrative staff in achieving the following targets in a time-bound manner:

  1. Systematic and scientific education to students aimed at enriching their knowledge of wealth.
  2. Spiritual and moral uplift of students, staff, and teachers.
  3. Development of facilities/infrastructure for the betterment of physical and academic environments that everybody including students feels proud of.
  4. The orientation of the system in such a way that enhances responsiveness to social and national needs
  5. Enhancement of ability that helps adapts according to the dynamic changes in the socio-political, economic, moral, scientific and cultural orders in the university.
  6. Creation of an environment that inspires teachers to adopt and imbibe the latest methods of teaching and research.
  7. Installation of IT infrastructure for automation of academic and administrative processes.
  8. Development and fortification of sports culture leading to excellence on the national and international levels.
  9. Development of a stronger and meaningful work culture.
  10. With all that is mentioned above, put in place systematically, shall boost VKSU’s ranking and honour in the academic arena.



Best regards

Pro-Vice Chancellor

Veer Kunwar Singh University,

Ara (Bhojpur)-802301