Session 2018-19 Degree-1 Results

Your results can be accessed here:

Please note: We do not entertain paper applications or physical visit by students for any requests related to result. You may fill the result related request form listed here to request anything related to your result. It will be responded within a week to your email ID.

Name of Exam View your results Result Related Request Exam conducted Result Published
B.A (H) – Degree I Click Here Click Here Jan 2020 31 July 2020
B.Com (H) – Degree I Click Here Click Here Jan 2020 21 June 2020
L.L.B Semester -I Click Here
      1. ‘ABS’: It means that the student was absent for this exam. Students are marked absent based on the list provided by the corresponding exam center
      2. ‘E06’: It implies one of the following:
        • the student has filled an incorrect roll number on his / her OMR sheet
        • the student’s OMR sheet was not received by the center where the result was processed. 
      3. ‘Blank’: It means that in our understanding, as a promoted student you were not required to take this exam and hence no marks in this field is normal.




Notice about Degree 1 Result

01 August 2020

The following is being stated about the B.A. (Hons) Degree-1 result being published by the University for session 2018-21. 

  1. Only that result is published which is 100% complete. If your marks in any one subject is unclear, then your result is held up and will be released when it is complete. 
  2. The students who still have any complain or correction request about the published result, should fill the form at (this form requires you to sign in with your gmail account)
  3. The students whose result could not be published are one of the following:
    1. Your college has not sent marks for your practical. Please contact your college/ department to find any information about the same.
    2. Your roll number is not correctly mentioned on your OMR
    3. The roll number mentioned on your OMR sheet is same as another student
    4. While filling the examination form you selected a paper that you have to take, but we have not received your OMR sheet in that paper. 
  4. The result displayed here is provisional and the marks assigned on your mark sheet should be considered final in case of any conflict. 

For issues listed in bullet # 3.2, 3.3 and 3.4, the student does not need to come to University or contact anyone, the examination section will check the OMR sheets manually for the unpublished students and will add it to the published data on its own. 

The marksheet will be sent to your respective colleges after a month of the result being published. This will allow students to request any correction.