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Name of Exam View your results Result Correction Request Exam conducted Result Published
B.Sc (H) – Degree I To be published soon Click Here Jan 2020 08 July 2020
B.Com (H) – Degree I Click Here Click Here Jan 2020 21 June 2020
L.L.B Semester -I Click Here resultcorrectionvksu@gmail.com
      1. ‘ABS’: It means that the student was absent for this exam. Students are marked absent based on the list provided by the corresponding exam center
      2. ‘E06’: It implies one of the following:
        • the student has filled an incorrect roll number on his / her OMR sheet
        • the student’s OMR sheet was not received by the center where the result was processed. 
      3. ‘Blank’: It means that in our understanding, as a promoted student you were not required to take this exam and hence no marks in this field is normal.
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The marksheet will be sent to your respective colleges after a month of the result being published. This will allow students to request any correction.