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  1. Generating Plagiarism report for dissertation and thesis.
  2. Accepting Continuation reports and Bio-metric attendance of scholarship recipients.


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Frequently Asked Questions:

The letter grade in your report is an indication of whether or not your thesis is totally in UGC recommended plagiarism percentage or not. As per UGC guidelines,  less than 10% is allowed, hence the software assigns the thesis with plagiarism less than 10% as 'A'. VKS University allows for up to 20 % in the thesis.  

Case I:

If the plagiarism content is between 20-35%. You can make changes to your thesis, ensure that you do not have any part of your thesis content copied from another thesis or any other sources like internet and resubmit it for evaluation. The re-evaluation will be as per the fee structure mentioned for repeated plagiarism report requests.

Case II:

You think the plagiarism report is flawed and you want to contest it. Formally write an application in this regard forwarded by your supervisor to the Head of your department stating that you contest the plagiarism report. The Department Academic Integrity Committee (DAIC) will formally request for the detailed report showing the plagiarized content. This report will be analyzed by the DAIC and will forward its recommendations to University Academic Integrity Committee (UAIC). The UAIC will finally
  1. decide the penalty or
  2. release of the thesis giving its report explaining why the plagiarized content is acceptable in this specific case, or
  3. ask the candidate to fix the problems in the content that result in plagiarism detection; as per the norms.

Case III:

The plagiarism content is higher than 35%. The report will be taken up by appropriate authorities for further action. The norms of UGC are strict about ensuring no plagiarized content entering the research domain. 
When you think your thesis has reached its final shape in all respects and is ready for sending to internal and external examiners for their report, you can get your report then itself. 
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Bank Name: Central Bank of India; Branch Name: V.K.S.U. Ara Branch