Dear Friends

It gives us immense pleasure in inviting you to participate a two days Workshop on Research Ethics and Anti-Plagiarism on 07 – 08 Feb 2020 to be organized by Univ. Dept. of Chemistry, V.K.S.U., Ara in collaboration with Computer Centre, VKSU. The workshop aims to provide a worthful platform to researchers, scientists and young innovative teachers coming from academia and industry for a wide ranging discussion, interaction and innovation with imminent scientists on ethics, plagiarism and academic integrity in the context of research. 


  • Proper computer training and data handling for researches.
  • Publication Ethics, Anti Plagiarism and Paper writing  
  • Research quality and impact factor of Journal
  • The paradigm shift named Plagiarism in the context of VKS University
  • Mechanism of Plagiarism report generation
  • Discussion of detailed report as generated by Plagiarism software
  • UGC Regulation for fair and high level research.
  • Intellectual Property Right.


Relevant Questions:


Any researcher (including new faculty members) who are not duly exposed to the problem identified as plagiarism and the technological solutions for detecting the same.
You can fill in the form at this link or by clicking at the ‘Register Now’ link above.
The fee charged is used to provide you with a simple lunch on both 7 and 8 Feb, a certificate issued to you on successful completion of the workshop, ensuring uninterrupted power and managing associated logistics on these two days
Amount to be paid is Rs 200
Account into which payment is to be made is: Account Holder: Computer Center V.K.S.U. Account Number: 3794299435 ; IFSC: CBIN0283838 Bank Name: Central Bank of India; Branch Name: V.K.S.U. Ara Branch
Yes, you can register on spot with cash payment. Just that with the limited seating available, spot registration will be limited by the seats left till then.



Prof. Himanshu Shekhar, HoD
Univ. Dept. of Chemistry, VKSU, Ara
Mob. 8877311180

Dr. Amrendra Narayan Bharat
Univ. Dept. of Physics, VKSU, Ara
Mob. 7903498623 (Jitendra, CC staff)

Advisory Committee

  1. Sayed Mumtazuddin, Katihar
  2. R.N. Yadav, Purnia
  3. R.L. Prasad, Varanasi
  4. K.N. Singh, Varanasi
  5. M. Himaja, Vellor
  6. Yogesh Sharma, Varanasi
  7. L.K. Mishra, Patna
  8. Sudha Jain, Lucknow
  9. A.K. Himanshu, Kolkata
  10. Bihari Singh, Patna
  11. D. Chaturvedi, Motihari
  12. C.S. Choudhary



  1. Laxman Singh, PPU
  2. Anil Kr. Singh, Ara
  3. Rajesh Kr. Verma, Dumraon
  4. L.K. Mishra, Patna
  5. Pintu Kumar, Gaya
  6. Aviral Pandey, Patna
  7. J.P. Singh, Patna


Program Outline

Feb 07th, 2020(Friday)

Venue : Dept. of Chemistry, VKSU,Ara

 Registration                     :  10.30 to 11.30  am               

Inauguration                   : 11.30 to 12.30  pm   

& Keynote address   

Lunch                               : 12.30 to 01.30 pm                                            

Invited Lecture-             : 01.30 to 02.15 pm     

Invited Lecture-             : 02.15 to 03.00 pm    

Demonstration-             : 03.00 to 03.45 pm

Demonstration-             : 03.45 to 04.30 pm


Feb 08th, 2020(Saturday)

Venue : Dept. of Chemistry, VKS University, Ara

 Invited Lecture-             : 10.30 to 11.15    am  

Invited Lecture-             : 11.15 to 12.00    am

Demonstration-             : 12.00 to 12.45 pm

Lunch                               : 12.45 to 01.45 pm 

Demonstration-             : 01.45 to 02.30 pm           

Valedictory Session       : 02:30 to 03:00 pm

Certificate Distribution: 03.00 to 04.00   pm



Chief Patron                             Organizing Secretary

Prof. D.P. Tiwari                                       Dr. Amrendra Narayan Bharat

Vice Chancellor                                       Dept. of Physics VKSU, Ara

VKSU, Ara                                                 Email:


Patron                                        Organizing Committee

Prof. N.K. Shah                              – Dr. Arvind Kr. Singh

Pro-V.C.                                               Dept. of Chem., VKSU, Ara

V.K.S.U., Ara                                       – Dr. Twinkle Keshari

                                                            Dept. of Chem., VKSU, Ara

Convenor                                         – Dr. Poonam Shukla   

Prof. H. Shekhar,                                Dept. of Chemistry, VKSU, Ara  

Dept of Chem VKSU, Ara                   – Dr. Binay Kr. Mishra       

Mob:   8877311180                             Dept. of Physics. VKSU, Ara

Email:  – Prof. Neeraj Kr. Verma                                                                     

                                                                 Dept. of Economics,VKSU,Ara

                                                                  – Prof. Nikhil Kumar

                                                                  Dept. of English, VKSU,Ara