Apply For Report

Please complete the following four steps to place your request for plagiarism report online. The report once generated can be intimated to the submitting email ID after 7 days. If you still want to query the Computer Center team to ensure that your submission has reached us, you can email us at . The form involves 6 sections, these are about:

  1. Student details: details about your name and enrollment etc
  2. Advisor details: details about your advisor and his affiliation
  3. Thesis details: details about your thesis
  4. Thesis upload: upload both editable and PDF copy of your thesis
  5. Payment receipt upload: upload an image of your payment receipt
  6. Annexure upload: 
    1. Download the annexure-1 from here.
    2. Fill necessary details
    3. Get it authorized by your supervisor or Head of Department

When you have all the above ready, you may apply the form here.

Please do not approach us physically before 7 days to collect your report, if the report is ready, we will email you or otherwise you can come to collect the report on the 7th day. You may also email us on the above email ID to ask the status of your report.